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It was named after Mrs. Isabel Pastorfide. According to the bore hunters of 18th century it was called “puntod”. My father told me that it was called Puntod because during the early times, lot of people was buried on the place for the lack of cemetery that time.The place was little elevated and it is surrounded by water.

Through ratification on September 16, 1968, Sta. Isabel become an independent barangay. Hon. Jose Nable was its first barangay Captain, his administration lasted until 1982. 

As the successor, Hon. Gregorio Manzo took 20 years as Brgy. Captain until 2002.

In the year 2002 Barangay Election, Hon. Gregorio Manzo was defeated by Hon. Ricardo Perez. But his administration lasted only for a few months when he died on the 9th month of his service due to heart attack.

Succession took place. Hon . Perez was placed by his first councilor Hon. Emerlito Magcamit.

As October 2007 election came, Hon. Ruben Macaraeg won the barangay election but he only served his constituents for a period of 5 months because of the vehicular accident that cause his early death.

By that time, he replaced by his first councilor Hon. Dominador Morente and last October 2010 election up to December 2013 election Hon. Edgar D. Abarquez was elected for the second term as Barangay Captain until 2014.

Enumerating the present officials are as follows:

Hon. Edgar D. Abarquez          - Barangay Captain

Hon. Nilo S. Florida                   - Councilor

Hon. Bobet A. Monsanto          - Councilor

Hon. Mario S. Jandusay            - Councilor

Hon. Merlita M. Panganiban   - Councilor

Hon. William L. Hernandez     - Councilor

Hon. Jun M. Layron                    - Councilor

Hon. Belinda P. Bautista           - Councilor

Lastly during this present administration lots of development projects were given to our barangay. We felt that we really belong to the Municipality of Pinamalayan and the Province of Oriental Mindoro. That's why we would like to thank Governor Alfonso Umali, Vice Governor Bonz Dolor, Board Members: Butch Buenaventura and Corazon Agarap, Mayor Wilfredo Hernandez, Sr., Vice Mayor Aristeo Baldos, Jr., Sangguniang Bayan Members: Rodel Magsino, Jeffrey Umbao and Totoy Madrid for giving their unconditional support for the improvement of our barangay.

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